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Most popular locations

Private office space with a view

78 SW 7th St No1000

20 m2
Business centers
35.00 $/h
160.00 $/d
Meeting room

1577 SW 21st St

30 m2
Meeting space
Business centers
35.00 $/h
160.00 $/d
Private therapy room

518 Euclid Ave

25 m2
Therapy room
Business centers
20.00 $/h
150.00 $/d
12 m2
Business centers
30.00 $/h
170.00 $/d
Conference room

1221 Brickell Ave

60 m2
Meeting space
Business centers
80.00 $/h
300.00 $/d
18 m2
Therapy room
Private business
27.00 $/h
190.00 $/d

Our dear customers about us

Great. Finally, there is a platform that makes my job easier. Whenever I want to do a workshop, I can look at the platform for the space I need and it is right for me. Booking is weary easily and quick. I know what I want and I know what I get for my money. Thus, I don’t need to pay monthly rent for meetings and workshops, I can decide when and where I will rent a space for my business needs. The pictures and description reflect the actual state of current situation on site and I can show to my participants what I can offer to them. I highly recommend

Sonja, therapist

I often need to rent space for occasional events, and I have enthusiastically welcomed the platform. No more browsing the internet, newspapers, asking acquaintances. allows me to choose the space I need in a transparent and easy way, but the most important thing about it is that it is reliable and anyone who organizes events knows how much effort and care is behind it, one of the biggest of these is space. handles this in a professional and trusted way. I heartily recommend it.

Romana, therapist

The Opti.Space platform has enabled us to make optimal use of our space by offering it to other therapists. This way we can cover the entire costs we have with the business space and bring us additional income. With the existing reservation system, space can be rented quickly and easily as users book the desired date themselves when registering in the system.

Mirjana, therapy room provider

Opti.Space is an extremely efficient platform that allows me to rent space when I need it. The booking process is quick and easy, and the system also enables effective control over reservations.

Helena, therapist